Pay Your SSS Contributions Online with

Pay Your SSS Contributions Online with is the easiest way to pay SSS online. Whether you’re self-employed or an OFW, lets you pay SSS contributions using your PRN. Payments get processed instantly! No waiting. No hassle.

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How to Pay SSS Contributions with

Step 1: Open your wallet and tap on Pay Bills

Step 2: Choose SSS Contributions as your Bill Type and select which type of contribution applies to you:

SSS-Self Employed
SSS-Non-working Spouse

Step 3: Enter your payment amount

Step 4: Enter your PRN (Payment Reference Number)*, full name, period duration, monthly contribution amount, and flexi-fund amount. If you do not have a flexi-fund amount, enter “0”

Step 5: Slide to Pay and that’s it!

*You may find your PRN and transaction details by logging in to your SSS account and generate the PRN

If you have not paid for your contribution for the past month, kindly make sure that you generate an updated PRN for your contribution. Payment Reference Numbers (PRN) can only be used once as this expires within a certain time. Every PRN is unique and it corresponds a certain amount to be paid, therefore no overpayments are allowed.

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